Wow!! Wow!! What can I write about this fantastic book?  David Levithan has created a character like none other I have encountered.  He draws into this unique experience called the lives of A.  A. is an unknown.  There is no way to explain him/her.  A. experiences life in a different person every day.  We are treated to life as various people.  Trying to explain it to my daughter, I affected my way of viewing others.  Every page is an adventure just waiting for us to enjoy.  We are taken along for a ride to see how others live from a girl suffering depression to  a church-going good guy.  The bodies A. inhabits are all different but yet engrossing.  A. is around 16 years old, therefore he inhabits the bodies of 16 year olds.  This is a story of love, adventure and compassion.  I will remember this book for a long time.  While reading this novel, I was always reluctant to put it down.  The reader is wanting to know about the next life and the impact it will have on A.  The premise of the book is truly one that is hard to describe.  Just read it.  Don’t hesitate!  Read it now.  If it is on your TBR list, make it your next read.  Then come back and tell me about it.

Wow!! It is definitely a 5 star.  Can’t say enough good things about it.